Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Parking—Where can I park?

Please park on the street. Do not park in the church parking lot (on 5th Street) during the session or for lotteries or meetings. You may park in the back parking lot on 6th street if you are working at SNG as a floater or classroom helper.

Emergency Bags—When do I bring it and what goes in it?

In case of an emergency evacuation, every child will need to have a 1 gallon size Ziploc bag full of emergency items which include 1) non-perishable foods such as a Power Bar, dried fruits, crackers, beef jerky, 2) two 16 oz. bottles of water, 3) family picture, 4) note to your child and 5) a copy of the emergency/disaster release form. Please write your child’s name on the bag and be sure that it can close completely. Please bring this the first day of the summer session. (One per child.)

Field Trips—How do I volunteer to drive on a field trip?

You can sign up to drive on a field trip with your child’s teacher. You will need to turn in a copy of your car insurance and a copy of your drivers license before the day of the trip. Your insurance coverage will need to cover at least $100,000 for each person and $300,000 for bodily injury, and $25,000 property damage. You will also need to download the driver application form from the website and turn it in prior to the field trip. All forms need to be turned in to the directors.

Note: parents who drive on field trips must still work in the classroom or as a floater as stated in the agreement form.

T-shirts—Why does my child need a Suzume no Gakko t-shirt?

When children go on field trips, it is helpful to have all children wearing the same shirt for safety reasons. We also ask children to wear their t-shirts for special events. You may want to purchase two t-shirts because sometimes they wear them several times in a week.

Work Days—What if I’m late for my work day?

Contact a director or board member as soon as possible. Teachers cannot do certain activities without parent support so please make every effort to be there on time. Parents are expected to arrive at 8:30 a.m. If parents are more than 20 minutes late, they will be expected to make up for that time on a different day.

Questions—What do I do if I have a question and I don’t know who to ask?

You can email us at and we can refer you to the right person. During session, feel free to talk to one of the directors in the director’s office or go to the Fireside Lounge and talk to a board member.

Childcare—Are there any after-school childcare options?

Unfortunately, we do not provide childcare.