Location during summer session

Class sessions and all meetings are held at Wesley United Methodist Church.


Wesley Methodist Church (during session only)
566 N. 5th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Please do not contact Wesley Methodist Church for information regarding Suzume no Gakko. Inquiries about the school should be addressed to the Suzume no Gakko Board of Directors, who can be reached via email at info@suzumenogakko.org, or "snail mail".

Postal Mail

Suzume no Gakko
P.O. Box 5756
San Jose, CA 95150-5756  


General Inquiries

Partnerships and Donations

Board of Directors

Program Director - Supervise SNG Staff activities, coordinate instruction during session Denise Kanazawa
Curriculum Director - Develop/implement curriculum, assist Program Director Jennifer Pang
President - General questions and concerns Lindsay Mune
Vice President - Lottery, enrollment, orientation, open house, insurance Kimi Taba DeRose
Secretary - Registration, handbooks, forms, notices Toshi Komatsu
Chief Financial Officer - Application and tuition fees, monetary matters Jeff Nishita
Purchasing Coordinator - Curriculum materials donations, purchase supplies Wes Tao
Historian - Newsletters, class plctures, yearbooks, brochures Liza Kao
Publicity Coordinator - Social committee, merchandise coordinator, Nikkei Matsuri, family picnic Lauren Matheny
Instructional Materials Coordinator - Curriculum Materials Alanna Yamada
Parent Participation Coordinator - Work days, floaters Lisa Obara
Past President/Ex-Officio - Heritage Source Hamby Aochi
Church Liaison  

Christine Ozawa

Facilities Coordinator Scott & Amanda Tanaka
Webmaster James Hom