Work Days

Parents/Legal Guardians are required to work at Suzume no Gakko one day during session per student enrolled in Suzume no Gakko. For example, if you have two students enrolled, we ask you work two days during session. Work day sign-ups will be held during the Mandatory Orientation Meeting on May 14, 2019.

On your work day, some examples of duties you may be assigned include:

  • in the classroom,

    • labeling projects

    • preparing project materials

    • assisting students on their projects

    • supervising the class during lunch

  • in the kitchen,

    • preparing food for projects

    • assisting students with food projects

  • around the facility,

    • assisting with specific projects, (e.g., silk screening, kabuki mask painting)

    • moving materials for assemblies

    • helping keep common areas clean


In addition, Parents/Legal Guardians are required to serve on a Committee. Each family should plan to spend 10–14 hours on Committee work.

Instructional Materials Committee (IMC)

Completes arts and crafts, sewing, and carpentry projects. Within the committee, there are two key positions:

  • IMC Liaison: assists the IMC Coordinator to distribute the IMC projects to the assigned parents. The Liaison will also be responsible for the preparation of the teacher gifts. Additionally, this parent will also be asked to assist with small projects as needed.

  • 6th Grade Class Parent: responsible for collecting the sizes of each student for the happi coats. This parent will also coordinate with the parents and students of the 6th Grade class to determine and purchase the class gift to Suzume no Gakko. Additionally, this parent may be asked to assist with small projects as needed.

Facilities Committee

Must be available on Saturday, July 6, beginning at 8:00 a.m., and Friday, July 19, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Requires heavy lifting. Will be responsible for setup and cleanup of the school facilities as well as transporting school supplies from storage to the school and back. In order to fulfill the number of hours required per family, both parents will need to be available on both days.

Social Committee

Plans and facilitates the “Field Day” on the last day of session (July 19), and will need to be onsite the last day of session. May also help with fundraising opportunities.

Open House Committee

Must be available during school hours on Wednesday, July 17, or Thursday, July 18. Will also need to be available to work a shift before or during Open House, as well as afterward for cleanup.

Historical Committee

Must be available to take photos during session of assigned grade level(s) and/or elective classes. May also be required to work on yearbook or slideshow.